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Tip #87: Walking For Health: Kick Up The Intensity With These Tricks

Written by Steve

Walking is one of the most enjoyable ways of improving overall health and burning calories. If your daily strolls are starting to feel too easy, or you’re looking to burn a few extra calories, try kicking up your walks with these intensity tricks.

  • Weighted Back Pack – Fill up a back pack with extra weight and go for a hike. This extra weight will start off feeling light, but end up providing you with a great workout.
  • Find a Hill – Locate a steep hill and walk up and down it several times. You will be sore in the morning!
  • Run or Sprint – Alternate between short periods of brisk walking, running or sprinting, and periods of regular walking.
  • Explore Local Parks – Pick a different local or state park and go exploring. Walk where the mood takes you.
  • Road March – Go on an extended road march of 5, 8, or even 10 miles. While difficult, you will enjoy the experience and most likely want to do it again.

Do you enjoy walking? Tell us about how you “kick up the intensity” in the comments section below.

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