Tip #10: Cook With Olive Oil Instead Of Vegetable Oil For Health

Written by damien

Most people don’t know the difference between olive oil and vegetable oil. Olive oil is shown to increase good cholesterol levels while decreasing the bad cholesterol levels in our bodies, and helping to prevent against heart disease and certain types of cancer. Additionally, olive oil works to promote the secretion of bile from the pancreas.

On the other hand vegetable oil is high in saturated fats, which is more likely to add to your cholesterol problems if you have any. One thing to note when choosing olive oil vs vegetable oil (and this is why I still have vegetable oil at home), olive oil has a very low burn point. Meaning if you want to cook something on very high heat (ie wok dish), then you need to use vegetable oil. For everything else, olive oil is the much healthier choice.

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