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Tip #1: Low Intensity Cardio + Calorie Deficit = Effective Fat Loss

Written by damien

Burning fat is not rocket science, so don’t complicate it. In order to effectively burn body you need to be consuming less calories through food then you burn, plus you need a vehicle in which to convert the fat into fuel (cardio). Performing low intensity cardio after 30-45mins of weight training is a great way to burn fat. Once your body has used it’s primary fuel source (glycogen), it will turn to other sources for fuel. If you train with weights first, you give yourself a head start by depleting glycogen levels.

Three time per week, do 30 mins of weight training followed by 30-45mins of low intensity cardio. Measure your results at the end of the week and if you didn’t lose the weight you wanted, drop your calories by 300 per day and try again. Repeat until you get the results you want!

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