Muscle Building

Tip #31: Surround Yourself With Successful Lifters Who Have Built Muscle And Strength

Written by Steve

This tip cannot be understated: you rise to the level of those around you. If you are surrounded by folks with average results and limited motivation and goals, you are likely to achieve average results. If you are surrounded by highly successful lifters, you are more likely to set loftier goals. This is true for most areas of life, and it is especially true for muscle and strength building.

To improve your results, improve your environment. Seek out experienced lifters at your gym and befriend them. Find lifting forums with plenty of successful athletes, and start a training log. Go to local bodybuilding shows and powerlifting meets and soak up the atmosphere. Mingle with top lifters on Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Youtube and Twitter. You will not only meet some new people, but also find yourself walking out more motivated than when you came in.

Don’t sink to the level of those around you. (No disrespect meant!) Surround yourself with higher standards and allow yourself to see new possibilities. You will likely achieve things you never thought possible.


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