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Tip #92: Protect Your Shoulder Health With Proper Bench Press Set Up

Written by Steve

Despite being the most popular barbell exercise, the bench press is arguably the most dangerous. Very few bench press practitioners know how to perform the lift correctly. Because of this, shoulder injuries are common.

A proper bench press set up will protect your shoulders by reducing your range of motion. The further down your elbows have to travel, the greater the stress placed upon the shoulders.

  • Back Arch – Drive your hips towards your shoulder blades. This will create a natural lower back arch, and shorten the range of motion of the press.
  • Shoulder Blades – Envision squeezing a pencil between your shoulder blades. This will help create a solid and stable benching “platform.”
  • Arm Angle – Don’t bench with your arms flared out at 90 degrees. Tuck your elbows around 45 degrees. This is a much better position for shoulder health.
  • Row the Bar – Pretend you are rowing the bar towards your chest. This will help to create a tightness, resulting in more stable and powerful reps.

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