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Tip #88: Periodize Muscle Building Workouts Using HLM – Heavy, Light And Moderate Days

Written by Steve

While progressive overload is an extremely important part of the muscle building process, working your body with lower reps and heavier weight can take its toll. One of the best ways to maintain progression, while allowing the body a slight break from heavy weight, is to periodize.

HLM periodization involves rotating between heavy, light and moderate training days. Use the following HLM guidelines when adding a periodization structure to your workouts.

  • Heavy Days – Focus on 5-8 reps per set using heavy compound exercises.
  • Light Days – Focus on 12-15 reps per set using primarily isolation or bodyweight style exercises.
  • Moderate Days – Focus on 8-12 reps per set using less intense compound movements, and machine style exercises.

Have you used HLM periodization? Let us know what your workouts look like in the comments section below.

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