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Tip #78: When Performing Overhead Presses, Use An Appropriate Grip Width

Written by Steve

Your grip width on overhead presses will vary depending on the variation. Let’s analyze why.

When pressing overhead, your wrists should always be directly over your elbows. This is not only an optimal leverage position, but it will also help prevent wrist and shoulder pains and strains, as your joints are not set up in awkward positions.

Behind the neck presses will command a wider grip.  It is impossible to maintain a narrow grip with the bar behind your head, simply because your wrists will not be above your elbows. Therefore a press from the front will naturally feature a more narrow grip width.

Video your grip width and make necessary adjustments before adding weight to the bar. Once you are sure that your set up is ok, it’s time to move some iron and work your shoulders.

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