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Set Realistic Muscle Building Goals Using McCallum’s Ideals

Written by Steve

To maintain motivation it’s important to set realistic and proper standards. Spending your days chasing 20″ biceps, while an admirable goal, simply isn’t realistic for most of us.

In the book Brawn, author Stuart McRobert outlines a formula used by industry writer John McCallum. This formula provides a realistic but challenging sets of goals for hardgainers.

  • Chest Size – Multiple your wrist size by a factor 6.5
  • Hip Size – Multiply your chest size goal by 85% to determine your optimal hip size.
  • Waist Size – To determine your goal waist size, multiply your chest girth by 70%.
  • Thigh Size – Multiply your chest goal by 53% to determine an optimal leg size.
  • Neck Size – To determine an optimal neck size, multiple your chest goal by 37%.
  • Arm Size – An optimal arm size will be 36% of your chest goal size.
  • Calves Size – A good calves goal will be 34% of your chest size.
  • Forearms Size – Multiply your chest size goal by 29% to determine an optimal forearms size.

How well do your numbers stack up? Let us know in the comments section below.

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