Tip #81: Keep Your Joints Healthy By Using Workout Support Devices

Written by Steve

You can save your joints a lot of wear and tear by purchasing the following inexpensive support devices.

  • Wrist Wraps – Wrist wraps can be purchased off of Amazon for under $10. They help support your wrists during bench presses, overhead presses, and even during exercises such as push ups and dips.
  • Knee Wraps – Knee wraps provide support during squats, helping to stave off knee tendonitis and things such as minor hamstring strains. You can purchase a decent pair for $30 and under.
  • Bench Slingshot – If you have any form of shoulder issues, then Mark Bell’s bench press Slingshot is a necessity. It provides shoulder support, and works well not only while bench pressing, but also while performing push ups and dips.
  • Elbow Sleeves – Elbow sleeves keep your elbows warm and supported, and help to reduce tendonitis-related pain and inflammation.

Do you use any of these lifting support devices? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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