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Tip #27: Improve Your Workouts By Keeping A Tight Rest Between Sets

Written by Steve

Have you been feeling like a slug in the gym lately? One simple, but amazing way to improve your workouts – and results – is by monitoring and limiting your rest between sets. Not only will the pace of your workouts improve, making you feel more engaged and focused, but the tighter rest schemes will also force you to push harder.

For heavy compound exercises limit your rest between sets to two minutes maximum. For isolation exercises, try limiting rest between sets to one minute. Monitor rest periods using a wrist watch, wall clock or iPod App.

If you are really pressed for time, and are in the mood to crank up the intensity, trying limiting rest between compound movements to 60 seconds, and rest between isolation lifts to 30 seconds. Remember to always use good form. If your form starts to slip because of restricted rest periods, it’s best to extend the rest periods slightly so that you do not get injured.

Give this a try and let us know if your focus and workouts improved.



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