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Tip #89: Improve Your Fitness By Using A CrossFit Style Workout

Written by Steve

CrossFit training is an extremely popular form of fitness. Workouts are constantly varied, and focus on high intensity, functional-style movements. Training sessions can include body weight exercises, sprinting, rowing, weight lifting, rope climbing, object carries, and more.

If you’re looking to burn a few extra calories and improve your fitness level, try making your own CrossFit style workouts by picking an exercise from each of these categories and performing them with limited rest.

  • Weight Lifting – Deadlifts x 15, Squats x 20, Clean and Press x 15, Overhead Squats x 15, Hang Cleans x 20, Push Press x 20, Front Squats x 12
  • Body Weight Exercises – Push Ups x 25, Pull ups x 15, Bodyweight Squats x 50, Burpees x 25, Walking Lunges x 25
  • Endurance – 50m Sprint, Jumping Rope x 200, 25m Bear Crawl, 500m Run, Row 500m
  • Etc – Muscle Ups x 10, Box Jumps x 10, Sandbag – Ground to Overhead Press x 15, Kettle Swings x 25, Prowler Push 50m

Perform a random number of rounds of these movements, from 4 -8 total.

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