Tip #99: Use Heavy Cream And Butter To Help With Weight Gain

Written by Steve

For those of you struggling to gain weight, the thought of force-feeding yourself another chicken breast or helping of rice can feel like a daunting task. Perhaps you feel constantly full, or just flat-out don’t have much of an appetite. In cases like these, you are better off trying to add in extra calories via a small amount of high calorie foods.

One of the best ways to add in a small amount of calorie dense foods is with the use of heavy cream and butter.

One pat of butter contains 36 calories. You can add several pats to your veggies, baked potato or even rice. This will increase your daily calories slightly without trying to force your stomach into holding more food.

Heavy cream is another great choice. Each ounce of heavy cream contains 103 calories. You can add an ounce to each whey protein shakes for a quick calorie addition. Heavy cream also works well for cream sauces that can be placed on meats or carbohydrates.

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