Tip #65: Want Great Abs? Get Rolling With Ab Wheel Roll Outs

Written by Steve

When it comes to abs workouts, everyone seems to use the same old, same old exercises:

  • Sit ups
  • Crunches
  • Planks

While these are all great choices, there’s another ab exercise that you should be inserting into your workouts: ab wheel roll outs. We’ve all seen ab wheels, but have probably brushed them off as some silly device only teenagers use.

An ab wheel is actually one of the best ways to work your core. It not only challenges your abs, but also your lower back, glutes, obliques and even lats. By using an ab wheel, you will not only be building thicker, more prominent abs, but also working to improve your performance on other resistance training exercises.

Start by performing 10 deliberate roll outs, making sure to keep your torso tight. Try to add one roll per workout, until you are able to perform 25 without stopping.

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