Tip #68: Set Proper Fitness Goals And Improve Your Workouts And Results

Written by Steve

What are your current goals? Maybe you want to lose 10 pound by the start of summer. Or to build or firm up your arms so you can wear a tank top or show them off at the beach. No matter what your goals are, you need to know how to create a plan so you can achieve them.

So how do you do that? Follow these easy steps to formulate a plan and set proper short and long term goals.

  • Make a plan. Have a clear idea in your head what you want to accomplish. Write the goal down on paper.
  • Work on one to two goals at a time. Any more and you could compromise your other goals.
  • Do not give up. If you fail, then learn from your mistakes and try again.
  • Have parameters to your goal. It should not be too vague. Many use the SMART system, in which the goal is simple, measurable, attainable, realistic and time oriented.
  • Tell your goals to others. This may make you more successful at achieving them.

Following these steps will allow you to work on your goals so you can make them a reality.

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