Tip #26: Focus On Fitness And Diet As A Lifestyle, Not A Program

Written by Steve

We’ve all seen article headlines like this:

  • 10 Weeks To Better Abs!
  • 8 Week Fat Blasting Diet!
  • Drop 15 Pounds In 2 Weeks!

Instead of seeking programs that provide temporary fixes, approach exercise and diet as a lifestyle. If you are only after short-term changes, and follow a short-term program, there’s a good chance that once the program is over you will resort back to your old habits.┬áIn fact, men and women who use short-term, fad approaches usually fall off the wagon and end up worse off than they started.

Seek out diet and fitness plans and programs that will fit well as a lifestyle. Set both short-term and long-term goals. Understand that once your short-term goals have been reached, the real work begins: maintaining your results.

Have you run a “quick fix” program only to have stumbled after you were done? Tell us your story in the comments section below.



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