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Tip #22: To Look Your Best, Don’t Rush Weight Loss

Written by Steve

If you want to look your best, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is rushing weight loss. Slow controlled weight loss makes it easier for you to hold on to muscle tissue as you are dropping fat. On the other hand, rapid weight loss usually also involves the loss of muscle tissue.

The result of rapid weight loss is generally a skinnier, but somewhat flabby physique. Think skinny fat.

Most of us don’t just want to lose weight, we want to look great when we’re done. A huge factor in this equation is muscle definition, or muscle tone. The more muscle your body has, the more defined or “toned” you will look.

Aim to lose no more than 1.5 to 2 pounds per week. This rate of fat loss is considered the sweet spot by those who have to look good for a living, or for competition – fitness models and bodybuilders. By losing weight at a slow and steady pace, you will help your body retain muscle tissue while shedding unwanted fat.

Have you lost weight only to look – well – worse than expected? Tell us about your rapid weight loss experiences in the comments section below.


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