Tip #36 – Take Casein Protein Powder Before Bed Or Periods Without Food

Written by Steve

Whey protein is by far and away the most popular powder in the food supplement market. It is fast digesting, and typically used post-workout and in between meals. If you are health conscious, trying to build muscle tissue and/or attempting to lose weight, then you might also want to consider using casein protein powder.

Casein protein is a slow digesting powder, making it a perfect choice to be taken before bed, or when you might be without food for an extended period of time. It has been shown to reduce protein breakdown, and can improve muscle growth or repair – or anabolism – during periods of fasting.

For men it is best to take 40-50 grams of casein protein powder before bed, or before long periods with food. Women should consider 30-40 grams.

Do you use casein protein powder? If so, what brand, and when do you use it?

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