Tip #71: Set Aside Boring Cardio And Try Interval Training

Written by Steve

Are you at a standstill with your workouts? Ready to move forward but do not know how, or what to do? Consider doing interval training. Interval training will add an extra burst of energy and excitement to your regular workouts.

An example of interval training would be walking for three minutes at a moderately fast pace,and then picking up the pace and running for a minute. You would then return back to walking.

What are the benefits of interval training? Well for starters you will burn more calories. And you can do it anywhere, at any time: while walking, on the treadmill, on the exercise bike, while dancing. You do not need anything special to train using intervals, and it is a great way to stave off exercise routine boredom.

When you do interval training, you will also improve your stamina. Make sure to work on, and improve your intensity as time goes on.

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