Tip #21: To Build A Better Body Focus On One Goal At A Time

Written by Steve

Most of us have multiple goals. We want to build muscle and lose fat.¬†Over the long-term both of these goals are achievable. But over the short-term, if you focus on reaching too many goals at one time, you’ll likely hinder your progress on each of them.

Instead of trying to plan your diet and exercise around multiple goals, set aside a period of time and focus on one goal at a time. Perhaps you are overweight but want to build muscle. Train hard with the weights but put your primary focus on losing fat. After you’ve lost the desired amount of fat, plan a solid muscle building diet and focus on that goal.

If you are carrying around only a little extra fat, it is probably beneficial to focus on muscle building for a while. After you have added the amount of muscle mass you desire, then strip away the fat.

Remember this mantra: the more streamlined your focus, the better your results are likely to be. Pick one goal at a time and get after it!

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