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Tip #18: To Get Better At Pull Ups, Do Them Every Day

Written by Steve

Pull ups can be a frustrating exercise. Most of us can do only a handful at a time if we’re lucky. How then do you improve your pull ups strength? By doing them every day.┬áTry this approach five to six days a week, giving yourself one or two days per week to rest.

Start your daily workout by doing 3 sets of as many pull up reps as possible. It doesn’t matter if you can only get one or two reps, try your hardest. After these 3 attempts are done, do 10 negative pull up reps. These are performed by lifting yourself up to the bar via a bench, and slowly lowering your body until you are at an arms extended position. Make each negative rep last 3 to 5 seconds if possible.

Try to add at least one rep per week to one of your first 3 sets. This doesn’t seem like much, but after 3 months you should be up to 5 reps per set. At this point, you can stop doing pull ups every day and start training them using a more normal schedule.

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