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Best Exercises to Build Bone Density

Best Exercises to Build Bone Density
Written by Chris

Best Exercises to Build Bone Density

Bone health is one of those hidden mysteries for many people. Until there is a revealing event, such as a fracture or results of a bone density test, most people tend to assume everything is fine with their skeletal system. At that point, it becomes a matter of maintaining what you have or trying to recover what you’ve lost. Fortunately, there are many exercise options for increasing bone density, both weight bearing and muscle strengthening.

1) Exercising your way to better bone health can be as simple as taking a walk. Using your own body weight as you move against the forces of gravity can increase bone density, particularly in the spine and hips. Brisk walking is better than adopting a slower pace, but every effort will be beneficial.

2) For those who want to pursue something more exotic in their exercise program, yoga is a great way to increase bone mineral density. The hips, spine, and wrist will show the greatest benefit from yoga. This is important because these are the skeletal areas most at risk of fracture.

3) As a step up from walking, hiking is a recommended exercise to increase bone density. Uphill and downhill hiking provides more bone impact than level walking trails. Make your next vacation destination a place to explore nature with a walking stick in hand and an eye for finding out what’s over that next hilltop.

4) One of the best exercises for your bones may not seem like exercise at all. Dancing is a good way to enjoy spending time with your partner while putting bone-strengthening pressure on your body. Learn to salsa, rhumba, or tango your way to better bone health.

5) Weight training has benefits on multiple levels. In addition to building stronger bones, you will notice the added bonus of firmer muscles. Weight training doesn’t need to take place in the gym to be effective. Carrying heavy items, such as bags of groceries or small children, can impact bone health as well. Pushing a lawn mower or raking leaves also gives resistance movements to your body.

6) Taking the stairs will improve bone health. Climbing 100 steps five times in the course of a day is both aerobic and bone strengthening.

7) If you like using the gym equipment or want to use your own exercise machines at home, an elliptical trainer or step machine can give you the opportunity to do some bone building while enjoying a favorite television show or movie.

8) For a truly energetic workout, try jumping rope. As with every aspect of life today, technology has developed digital jump ropes that can help you track your progress. There are even cordless jump ropes available for those who feel too clumsy to risk using a traditional rope.

Maintaining good health and a strong body starts from the inside out. Proper nutrition in addition to good fitness practices will help you live a long, healthy life. Taking care of your bone health doesn’t have to be tedious when you engage in the wide variety of exercise options available to you in everyday life.

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