Tip #73: Rolling The Bar On Deadlifts? Keep Your Arms Locked

Written by Steve

It is becoming more and more commonplace to see top-level bodybuilders and powerlifters roll the bar towards them when initiating the deadlift. Because of this, gym lifters are starting to pick up this habit. While rolling the bar can be a safe practice, it is generally not performed correctly.

Watch a few Youtube deadlift videos that involve “bar rolling.” You will notice two things:

  1. Most lifters as using an over/under grip, meaning one hand is palm down while the other hand is palm up.
  2. The arm featuring the palm up hand tends to bend as it works to roll the bar towards the lifter.

When you initiate a deadlift with a bent arm, you increase your risk of injury. The weight on the bar will abruptly force your arm to lock out, which can lead to bicep tears and lower back strains (due to the jarring).

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