Tip #25: Avoid Noise Pollution, Reduce Your Stress And Save Your Hearing

Written by Steve

Noise pollution contributes to our overall stress levels. Too much noise can not only increase blood pressure, but also causes diminished focus and performance. Loud sounds is not only an irritant, but can also cause long-term hearing loss.

Use this rule: if you have to speak up because the noise around you is too loud, then it’s at an unhealthy level.¬†Continued exposure to high decibel noise like this can, and will cause permanent hearing loss. To save your hearing, and reduce stress, use earplugs. They are inexpensive, and can be purchased at most local drug or discount stores.

When you have to speak over the noise, it is at approximately 85 to 90 decibels. 8 hours of exposure to noise at this level can result in permanent hearing loss, and will most certainly increase your stress levels. Exposure to noise at 92 decibels, just slightly louder, can only be tolerated for 6 hours before incurring permanent hearing loss.

By the time you each 100 decibels, the ears can only take 2 hours of exposure before picking up a hearing loss. 100 decibels is about the intensity of a chain saw, speeding train, jack hammer or a farm tractor.

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